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We do have many new exciting services introduced in our consulting, training and assessment portfolio.


We at GRC Mentor, seriously work on the governance, risk and compliance areas with a view to provide with better understanding of these and to provide with guidance to those in need.

For us, Governance involves consideration of all areas of operation in an enterprise that includes, operational activities, finance, HR, security, service management, quality management, project management etc. None of the areas can be looked at in isolation from a governance standpoint.

All the areas in an enterprise carry risk. An enterprise level risk should be an aggregate of risks of many individual areas in an enterprise. Hence the risk management framework should address the risks at operational level and later get translated to enterprise level risks. 

Structured approach towards project management and the methodologies adopted to deliver and support services in an enterprise has a bearing on the governance aspect.

The compliance requirements across the globe increase day by day that need to be addressed consistently.

We enable people to be knowledgeable and capable of performing governance and management activities in an enterprise.

Our Services: We offer a host of training, consulting, auditing and assessment services on a vide variety of standards, frameworks and regulatory requirements. 

Audiovisual Conference

We deliver training services for individuals (open house sessions) and corporates on all the best practice frameworks, standards and models mentioned in this website. Contact us on any of your requirements 

We train, coach and mentor professionals to excel in their performance. We extend consulting on these areas to guide organisations to perform better. 

We deliver our services across the globe on all the frameworks mentioned in this site.

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What We Do

A host of training programs to sutit to the requirements of the organisations ranging from Project Management, Service Management, Information Security Management, Cyber Security, Six Sigma to Governance. Look at our catalogue. We deliver both coporate sessions, standard and tailored as required, and open house sessions.  


We help organisations to improve their processes, ensure compliance posture, objectives achievement, enhance performance, certifications like ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 20000, ISO 9001 or any other. Implementation of Project Management, Service Management, Information Security Management, Cyber Security etc. 


We offer different auding, assessment and attestation services. Organisations may be in need of readiness assessment for certification, validate the implementation of a corrective action, closing NCs, check where their processes are, regulatory compliance requirements etc. All these are taken care of by us on a regular basis.


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