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Data management

Data Management

Data (Information) Management - Data (Information) Governance, Data (Information) Quality, Data (Information) Management 

Data / Information Governance

The whole purpose of any IT system is to produce the right quality information that is required by the business. COBIT provides with lot of guidance on how the data/information should be, how the information can be governed etc.


Data is produced to achieve certain objectives. Every data / information produced by IT / IT Systems should be ensured for its objectives achievement. Those objectives must be very clearly defined for an IT System, application or other infrastructure components that are used.


Frameworks like DAMA also provide with guidance on data governance. 


GRC Mentor extend their expertise in providing with necessary guidance on how the data / information governance can be achieved. GRC Mentor can create a risk based framework for data governance for organisations when they deal with data / information. This data / information governance framework can be a solid factor for sustenance of an organisation. 

Data Quality

When IT Systems have to produce the right quality data for the business, IT or Enterprise IT has to pay lot of attention to the data that the systems under their control produce. Data Quality is one of the elements of Data Governance. 

  • Consulting: GRC Mentor can define the data governance and quality elements an organisation may be in need of depending on their business activity and the extent and nature of the data they deal with. 

  • Training: GRC Mentor has formal training programs, with or without certifications, for the data quality and data governance areas. 

  • Assessment: GRC Mentor delivers data quality / governance assessment based on best practices in the industry and best practice frameworks. 

Note: In the D-I-K-W (Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom) structure, data, information and knowledge - these three terms are interchangeably used in practice. Information or data can mean any of these three. 


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