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Certified Privacy and EU GDPR Practitioner (CPEGP)

A hands on, knowledge oriented Practitioner level certification for an implementer / practitioner of EU GDPR

A sought after certification for those who want to understand and implement EU GDPR. This three-days Certified Privacy and EU GDPR Practitioner classroom / online course delivered across the globe, is focused on equipping delegates from corporates and individuals who want to become privacy professional with the knowledge and skills to implement an effective privacy compliance program under the EU GDPR.

CPEGP covers the whole gamut of privacy related principles and rights a practitioner should know and use in day to day life when involved in data protection activities. This covers all the essentials a Data Privacy Practitioner should know about for executing their data privacy responsibilities. 

This course fairly covers all major privacy regulations existing in the world to give a broader perspective to a delegate who attends the session. The covered privacy regulations include:

  • Australian Privacy Principles

  • South Korean Privacy Laws (PIPA etc.)

  • Canadian Privacy Law (PIPEDA etc.)

  • Personal Data Privacy Act of Malaysia, Singapore

  • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

  • Indian PDPA

  • Brazil's LGPD

  • Various privacy laws existing in the USA (HIPAA, GLBA, COPPA etc.)

  • Privacy laws of Bahrain, Qatar, UAE

Acquiring CPEGP credential will enable one to showcase their knowledge on the privacy terms and concepts and the ability to manage the operational performance of a privacy program and related activities.  

The course covers all the knowledge a privacy professional should have, especially, who want to perform the roles of / become Data Protection Officer (DPO) or a data privacy consultant. The course covers the roles of a DPO, data mapping and the data protection impact assessment (privacy risk assessment or privacy impact assessment) methodology in detail. 

The GDPR includes among its mandates the requirement to appoint knowledgeable DPOs (data protection officers) tasked with monitoring compliance, managing internal data protection activities, training data processing staff, conducting internal audits and more. There’s a lot to know, there’s a lot at stake and there are lots of opportunities for privacy professionals with the right training and education.

What you will learn?

  • The concept of privacy / what is privacy?

  • Elements of Privacy

  • Why privacy is important?

  • The emergence of privacy concepts, movements, initiatives and regulations

  • OECD Privacy Principles

  • General privacy rights and how the rights have emerged

  • What constitutes personal data?

  • Privacy regulations or laws existing in the world

  • What are the key components of GDPR?

  • GDPR Principles and Rights

  • Salient features of EU GDPR

  • GDPR compliance checklist

  • Critical steps towards GDPR implementation & possible pitfalls.

  • Highlight some of the key aspects of GDPR implementation.

  • Role & Responsibilities of a Data Protection Officer (DPO)

  • GDPR Lifecycle

  • Need for Data Mapping and Data Protection Impact Assessment / Privacy Impact Assessment

  • How to conduct data mapping and DPIA

  • Data Mapping

  • DPIA / PIA case study - The construct and the steps

  • GDPR Action Plan- Compliance driven

  • GDPR Action Plan- Penalty driven.

  • GDPR Best Practices

  • Certification Schemes that can support Privacy Frameworks

  • The standards and best practices that can support a privacy information management system (PIMS)

    • BS 10012​

    • ISO/IEC 27701

    • ISO 29100

    • ISO 27018

    • COBIT

    • Cybersecurity Essentials



  1. CPEGP is a very practice oriented course that will enable a practitioner to get practical perspectives

  2. Covers general privacy principles and privacy rights aligning the knowledge of concepts to various privacy laws

  3. Covers not only EU GDPR but all prominent privacy laws existing in the world

  4. In depth discussion on key GDPR requirements

  5. Interpretations of the principles and rights with practical examples

  6. Session led from a practitioner's perspective

Course delivered by an accredited instructor with many industry recognized qualifications. 

What you get?

  • Official course materials 

  • Exam at the end of the session

  • Training session by a well experienced privacy practitioner

Course delivered online as instructor led live virtual course or class room session. Delivered across the globe. 

Total questions for the exam:  50, Multiple Choice Questions.

Exam duration: 75 minutes

Exam mode: Online, remotely proctored and paper based.

Contact for further details. See the schedule here.

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