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European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)

Privacy becomes more and more of a concern for individuals, governments and corporates dealing with data of private nature. In the wake of the consistent and persistent efforts of hackers (all types) it becomes all the more important (for governments) to ensure the data belonging to citizens is protected at all levels. 

The EU has come up with an effective regulation to ensure the privacy protection of sensitive data belonging to citizens wherever and however they are managed. The data processor and the data controller have to execute certain responsibilities to ensure the privacy. Corporates who actually handle such data, may be on behalf of their stakeholers, have a case to protect the data belonging to their customers and other stakeholders, failure of which could attrat huge penalties and reputation issues.

The need for individuals to learn about the regulation and on how to be part of the protection efforts and for corporates to actually protect the data is very well addressed by us through a comprehensive suite of training, advisory and assessment services.

Privacy and GDPR Training 

We have a certifiation course on Privacy and GDPR titiled Certified Privacy and EU GDPR Practitioner - CPEGP - a 4 days course that gives a hands on knowledge to delegates on what needs to be done and how that can be done. 

We do have other training programs on privacy. Please check out: GRC Mentor's Privacy Training Programs

GDPR Advisory Services

GRC Mentor provides consulting services on EU GDPR to help organisations comply with the regulations. We support organisations to perform the following (broad items, but not limited to):

  • End to end implementation with development of necessary policies, procedure and organisation definitions

  • Assess organisational requirements for GDPR compliance and defining the scope

  • Privacy program development and acton plan formulation

  • Definition of personal data of Data Subjects in the EU

  • Data flow mapping and classification

  • Accountability, responsibility and liability definitions

  • Definitions and allocation of responsibilities for different roles like Data Controller, Data Processor, Data Protection Officer etc.

  • Gap analysis, risk analysis

  • Data Privacy Impact Analysis

  • Incident response program development

  • National add on requirements

  • Usage of appropriate standards like NIST, ISO27001 etc.

  • Impact of international handling of data

GDPR Assessment Services

GRC Mentor has assossors and auditors who are subject matter experts to condut assessments on GDPR. The following are the services we offer:

  • GDPR readiness assessment (as is)

  • Implementation effectiveness assessment

  • GDPR certification assessment (certification from an independant body IGRCI)

 Download our GDPR  brochure

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