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About Us

GRC Mentor - Who are we?

Professionals passionate about Governance, Risk and Compliance providing guidance on these areas.

Governance is a most misunderstood and misinterpreted terminology used by most of the organisations without assigning the right meaning to it. 

For some, it is control, for some other, it is policies and procedures, yet other belief is that it is a framework - in fact, it is all of these, probably, much more. This is what we help an organisation to define. 

We deliver implementation consulting, certification training programs and audits and assessments services across the globe. 

What governance means?

In simple terms whatever we do to achieve the objectives is governance, as simple as that. 


We believe in this principle: Governance Enabled! Focus. Enable. Achieve.

Vision Statement

Provide result oriented support, to excel and outperform competition, for client organisations.

Mission Statement

Meaningful deliveries with state of the art approach and distinct and comprehensive services.

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